SF9’s Jaeyoon “I got a call from my ex-girlfriend because I became more handsome”

SF9’s Jaeyoon shared his experience.

KBS 2TV’s “Love Recall”, which aired on Oct 24th, featured a recall man looking for a relationship that cannot be forgotten even after 10 years have passed.

On this day, when asked by Yang Se-hyung “What would you do if your ex-girlfriend 10 years ago wanted to meet again?”, Jaeyoon surprised everyone by giving an unexpected answer.

SF9 Jaeyoon

Jaeyoon replied, “I’m going to be suspicious. I don’t know how she’s been doing, so I don’t think I’ll find it believable.”

Jaeyoon added that he had actually done so. He told his story, “When I was preparing for my debut, a friend I was dating in elementary school suddenly contacted me after seeing my changed appearance in high school.”

SF9 Jaeyoon

Jaeyoon confessed, “I used to wear glasses, but I took them off since high school. I also grew taller. I got a call (from my ex-girlfriend) because my appearance changed. I was upset.”

Meanwhile, “Love Recall” airs every Monday at 8:30 PM.

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