Dynamite by BTS became the song that won the most trophies in Kpop history

With the hot new victory, Dynamite’s total number of trophies has reached 22, making other BTS’s hits also “cry”!

Recently, BTS’s hit Dynamite brought another victory on the weekend music show. The song of Big Hit Entertainment’s boys beat Dingga (MAMAMOO). Specifically, so far, Dynamite has earned 22 victories on music shows even though BTS did not promote this song. Currently, Dynamite is still holding the No.1 position on iChart (Korean digital music chart system) even though BTS will have a comeback in just one more week! With 22 trophies achieved, Dynamite officially defeated Boy With Luv – a hit that won 21 trophies – to become the song with the most trophies in Kpop history up to now. Although it has been released for nearly three months, Dynamite’s digital music score is still extremely significant. This is an important factor that helps BTS continue to extend their record series. In addition, the strong growth of views on YouTube also contributed to increasing the boys’ scores. Only 1 week left, BTS will officially come back with the album BE and the title song “ Life Goes On ”. However, the super hit Dynamite has not shown signs of cooling down, even still “dominating” digital music charts with huge scores.

BTS also did not promote this song. Moreover, this is an English song, not Korean. Boy With Luv, which was fully promoted, was beaten by the “maknae” in all such categories, making  ARMY (BTS fandom) excited.

Some funny comments from fans:

– Boy With Luv found dead!

– BE is also excellent, so everyone remembers to welcome their comeback at 12pm on November 20.

– This is a song that doesn’t promote and does nothing at music shows …

– Boy With Luv is indignant!

– Spring Days and Boy With Luv left the chat

The charm from this energetic hit by BTS is undeniable! With this achievement, Dynamite will continue to be the song to help the boys of Big Hit Entertainment win awards at the awards ceremonies later this year.

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