“Drug” Park Yoochun is living well in Japan “Bright current status”

Singer Park Yoochun (37) cried and denied drug use allegations but was eventually exposed as a lie and received even greater criticism. His current status was shared after a long time through SNS

On May 23rd, Park Yoochun‘s younger brother, actor Park Yoohwan (33), posted several photos taken in Japan on his SNS. Park Yoochun appeared in the photos.

In a photo, Park Yoochun is seen wearing a white short-sleeved t-shirt and black shorts. He also has a colorful scarf around his neck and is making a whimsical expression.

park yoo chun

In another photo, the Park brothers are looking at the scenery. Park Yoochun is wearing a red hat, while Park Yoohwan is wearing a black hat. Both of them are turned away, not showing their faces.

Park Yoohwan also shared a photo of Park Yoochun looking out the car window. In this photo, Park Yoochun’s face is not visible, either.

The Park brothers are known for their close relationship. Last year, Park Yoohwan posted on SNS to promote Park Yoochun’s fan meeting.

park yoo chun

In April 2019, it was revealed that Park Yoochun had used drugs with his then-girlfriend Hwang Hana, the granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Products’ chairman. Following a positive test for philopon on his leg hair, he was sentenced to 10 months in prison, suspended for 2 years. Despite announcing his retirement from the entertainment industry after the drug scandal, he has continued to be active.

Additionally, Park Yoochun has been involved in controversies including accusations of sexual assault and prostitution, exclusive contract disputes with his agency and owing 490 million won in unpaid taxes.

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