‘Dragon’ Stars To Take Over The Small Screen & Theaters In Dragon Year 2024: Park Seo-joon, Jung Hae-in And More

Park Seo-joon

Last year, world star Park Seo-joon, who represents those who were born in 1988, appeared in Marvel’s film “The Marvels” as Prince Yan, the husband of the main character Captain Marvel. He also starred in Lee Byeong-heon’s movie “Dream” and boasted amazing chemistry with Park Bo-young in “Concrete Utopia”.

park seo joon

He is starring in Netflix’s original series “Gyeongseong Creature” as Jang Tae-sang, Geumokdang pawn shop owner who confronts monsters with Yoon Chae-ok (Han So-hee). In Part 2, which was released on January 5th, Tae-sang witnesses terrible things that happened underground at Onseong Hospital and risks to rescue other people and prevent further tragedy. Left alone at Onseong Hospital, Chae-ok waits for Tae-sang to return, portraying a warm romance.

Not stopping there, Park Seo-joon also showcased his natural charms in tvN’s entertainment program “Jinny’s Kitchen”. Attention is focused on the new projects he will present in the new year.

Im Si-wan

Boyhood im si wan

In 2023, Im Si-wan made a drastic transformation through Coupang Play’s drama “Boyhood”. Delivering a message about school violence in the background of Chungcheong-do, the drama aroused huge attention. It received a high score of 4.6 points and ranked first in Coupang Play’s Popular Drama Rankings for two consecutive weeks.

The actor also met with the viewers through movies of different genres such as “Unlocked” and “Road To Boston”. In particular, Im Si-wan also joined the cast of Netflix’s original series “Squid Game 2”, heralding an unprecedented image. “Squid Game 2” is set to air in 2024.

Aside from acting, Im Si-wan also impressed the public with his pure charm when appearing on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block”.

Jung Hae-in

Jung Hae-in

Jung Hae-in is also a representative actor born in 1988. He led the Netflix series “D.P 2” and contributed an impressive cameo role in the movie “12.12: The Day”, wrapping up a successful 2023. In particular, “12.12: The Day” surpassed 10 million viewers, making Jung Hae-in a ‘million actor’ with a cameo role. 

In 2024, Jung Hae-in will challenge a romantic comedy for the first time in 10 years through the drama “Mom’s Friend’s Son” and take on a villain role in “Veteran 2”, raising expectations from fans for both the good and evil sides the actor will show in the new year.

UEE & Park Jin-joo

Uee Park Jin-joo

Actresses UEE and Park Jin-joo are active in both dramas and entertainment programs. UEE met the viewers through KBS2’s ongoing weekend series “Live Your Own Life”. She also started operating a cafe and opened a YouTube channel to communicate with fans.

Park Jin-joo played Oh Ji-yoo in Genie TV’s original series “Tell Me That You Love Me”, which is still airing, and showed off her perfect chemistry with actress Shin Hyun-been. In addition, she formed Juju Secret with Lovelyz’s Mijoo through MBC’s “Hangout with You” and introduced another side as a singer. As such, anticipation for UEE and Park Jin-joo’s wonderful performances in 2024 is rising.

Source: Daum

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