“Doctor Cha” actress So A Rin joins tvN’s project drama “Summer Cold” and portrays completely new image

Actress So A Rin will appear in “Summer Cold”, the third drama of tvN’s “O’PENing 2023” project.

So A Rin, who played Seo In Ho (Kim Byung Chul) and Choi Seung Hee (Myung Se Bin)’s extramarital daughter Choi Eun Seo in JTBC’s recently ended drama “Doctor Cha”, will return to the small screen through the project drama “Summer Cold”, which is scheduled to air on July 30th.

So A Rin

This is the third story introduced by tvN X TVING’s joint project “O’PENing 2023”, which consists of seven rookie writers’ scripts with diverse formats and fresh ideas. In particular, “Summer Cold”, starring So A Rin, is a pure noir with a story that happens within a summer, centering on a woman, who lives in despair and doesn’t care if she dies tomorrow, risking her life to protect a man.

In this drama, So A Rin portrays Kang Ha Yeon, the daughter of Kang Jin Do (Park Ji Hwan). Ha Yeon is a college student who is working part-time after taking time off from school. Growing up under the care of her single father, this girl is more mature and considerate than people of her age. One day, she makes a choice that should not be made when facing an unexpected crisis.

Previously, So A Rin received compliments for her delicate acting and portrayal of a mother-daughter relationship, which is heartwarming yet full of conflicts, with senior actress Myung Se Bin in “Doctor Cha”. 

In “Summer Cold”, So A Rin is expected to showcase new charms by taking on a character that is opposite to her image in “Doctor Cha”.

Meanwhile, “Summer Cold” will premiere on tvN at 10:40 p.m. on July 30th. It is also pre-released through TVING on the 13th.

Source: Daum

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