Ahn Bo-hyun talked about the bed scene with Han So-hee in “My Name”, “The scene was decided after many discussions”

Actor Ahn Bo-hyun shared his thoughts about the bed scene with Han So-hee in “My Name”.

On October 25th, Ahn Bo-hyun talked about Netflix’s drama “My Name” through an online video interview. “My Name,” tells about the harsh truth and revenge that Jiwoo (Han So-hee), who entered a mafia organization to find the culprit who killed her father, faces after joining the police force under a new name.

In this drama, Ahn Bo-hyun plays the role of Poldo, an ace detective of the Narcotics Unit. He perfectly portrays a capable police agent who always follows the principles and also forms a loveline with Han So-hee that later becomes a twist in the storyline. However, the bed scene of Pildo and Jiwoo, which appear in the second half of the drama, received mixed reactions from the audiences.

ahn bo hyun my name

In this regard, Ahn Bo-hyun said, “Knowing the viewers have different opinions about this scene, I thought ‘They must have watched it from various perspectives’. Since both Pildo and Jiwoo have a painful past, I thought it would be great if the two could comfort each other.” He continued, “The bed scene is a necessary part of the process in which the monster side of Jiwoo finally changes. I think that’s why this love scene left such a huge impression.”

In addition, Ahn Bo-hyun also shared, “Together with director Kim Jin-min, screenwriter Kim Ba-da, and actress Han So-hee, we discussed a lot about this bed scene. Therefore, we decided to film it thinking we should empathize with the characters’ feelings rather than feeling pressured.”

“My Name” is drawing keen attention as it has ranked No.3 in the TV series category of worldwide Netflix “Today’s TOP 10”. Asked about the rising popularity of the drama, Ahn Bo-hyun expressed his gratitude towards favorable reviews from the audiences, saying, “I was deeply moved by the positive reaction. I think it was thanks to the great influence of ‘Squid Game’ that we were able to reach the No.3 spot. There were more people who praised my role as a police agent than I had expected.”

ahn bo hyun my name

Meanwhile, “My Name” was premiered on Netlfix on October 15th.

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