Do Kyung Soo’s belief “My main job is a singer. I don’t want to cause any harm to EXO”

EXO member-actor Do Kyung Soo expressed his extraordinary affection, “I try to be with the members in EXO’s schedules even while working as an actor.”

Along with the activities of EXO’s 7th full-length album “EXIST”, Do Kyung Soo appeared on Kakao Entertainment’s global representative K-pop media 1theK’s original content “Look Me Up” ahead of the release of the movie “The Moon” on August 2nd.

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Do Kyung Soo looked at fans’ “real” reactions through various online posts and comments, and told various stories about his activities and plans as a singer-actor. Do Kyung Soo also directly read various posts left by fans, responded honestly and thanked them for their enthusiastic support.

“Look Me Up” is a content where stars directly search for and check online reactions about themselves as well as talk about themselves.

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As Do Kyung Soo continues to be active as a singer-actor, he visited 1theK’s “Look Me Up”, which has 32 million global subscribers, to share abundant talks that K-pop fandoms and movie fans around the world can enjoy together.

While examining fans’ diverse reactions, regarding the praise “He rarely missed EXO’s promotion while promoting as an actor”, Do Kyung Soo expressed his belief, “My main job is a singer. I am an actor as well, but I’m a member of a group. What I hate the most is causing harm to others.” During the filming of “Look Me Up”, he even left comments for fans directly, showing enthusiasm in communication and making fans feel touched.

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1theK’s “Look Me Up” has recently become a hot topic as a window for K-pop artists and actors to communicate with fans. Previously, hip-hop artists mainly appeared and presented bold talks, but recently, solo singers and actors are also visiting “Look Me Up” to communicate with fans. In fact, last April, Chris Pratt, Karen Gillan and Pom Klementieff, the main characters of the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3”, surprised fans by appearing on 1theK’s original entertainment show “Look Me Up”. Seeing Hollywood actors reacting to Korean website and community posts, fans were surprised, saying, “I never thought actors would appear on ‘Look Me Up’.”

Besides, various stars with solid skills, charms and witty volubility are visiting 1theK’s “Look Me Up” to communicate with fans. On July 12th, Sandara Park, who made a comeback as a singer after 6 years, appeared on “Look Me Up” and introduced her new mini-album “SANDARA PARK”. She also honestly talked about her wealth and investment techniques. In addition, famous singers such as Taeyang and BIG Naughty appeared on “Look Me Up” to look for various writings left by fans.

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