Director of “Semantic Error”: “The actors are good at guiding NGs, so all NG cuts are revealed”

“Semantic Error: The Movie” recorded an overwhelming first place in ticket sales (39.1%), giving a green light to the box office.

Semantic Error: The Movie” is an extension of the campus romance between Sang Woo (Park Jae chan) and Jang Jae Young (Park Seo Ham).

On August 31st, it was reported that tickets for the premiere of this movie were sold out the moment reservations were opened.

Semantic Error

Director Kim Soo Jung, who was at the premiere to commemorate the film’s release, said: “At first, I wanted the work to enter Watcha’s Top 10, so that many people would see it.  But now, being able to talk with the audience through the release of this movie, I am thrilled, excited, and nervous. I think everything is thanks to the staff, actors, and the audience who love the work, and I am always grateful.” 

Regarding the differences between the movie and the drama version, reporter Im Soo Yeon shared that she appreciated the changes, saying: “There are subtle changes such as adding shots or capturing reactions. Through the movie, I got to become more focused on the feelings of the main couple through facial shots that were not shown in the drama version.”

Semantic Error

In response, director Kim Soo Jung expressed: “I wanted to build up the density of emotions in the film.  Therefore, we arranged the cuts that can better convey the lingering emotions so that the audience can feel the love story of the two characters more.”

Regarding the NG scenes that can only be seen in movies, the director said: “I wanted to show you something new through this movie, so I decided to collect and compose NG scenes with the intention of giving a small gift. The actors are good at guiding NGs, so all NG cuts are revealed.”

In addition, director Kim Soo Jung, who participated from the planning stage of the work, delivered various behind-the-scenes stories of “Semantic Error”, satisfying the audience’s curiosity. 

Semantic Error

Regarding the artistic aspect of the movie, she said: “When looking for spaces, including low-repair apartments and practice rooms, I focused on artistic spaces that are three-dimensional and have enough layers rather than flat spaces. I also tried to strengthen character through art by diving into Sang Woo and Jae Young’s space and thinking about what colors and props each character would prefer.” 

In the end, the premiere concluded in a warm atmosphere and intense enthusiasm of the audience. The director also prepared cans of blackholic coffee, one of the main props of the movie, and prints of the actors as gifts for the audience, leading to excited responses, and the event wrapped up with a commemorative photo shoot with all the audience.

Source: Daum

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