Despite many new competitors appearing, TWICE is still the girlgroup with the highest album sales

The emergence of new names such as BLACKPINK, IZ*ONE is not able to shake the throne of TWICE in the album sales.

The name TWICE has not shown signs of cooling down when the 9 JYP girls have had another successful year in every aspect, especially the album sales which are always considered the strength of the group. Although in the past year, we have seen the appearance of new girl groups with outstanding album sales, however, it’s still undeniable that TWICE is still maintaining their throne for the following reason.

In the year 2018 up to the present, according to GAON statistics, TWICE released a total of 3 albums: the fifth mini album “What Is Love?” (342,760 copies), the second special album “Summer Nights” (314,475 copies) and the sixth mini-album “Yes or Yes” released last week also sold 304,510 copies.

The previous albums sold 256,413 copies in 2018, which means that TWICE has sold 1,218,158 albums this year – an impressive number for a girl group! The album “Yes Or Yes” also easily surpasses the 300,000 marks after more than a week’s release – something no 3rd generation girl group has ever done.

Undoubtedly, TWICE is the girl group with the highest album sales

This also means that the sales of nine JYP girls have surpassed 3 million copies since their debut in October 2015 (3,019,562 copies). The three-year-old girl group has also sold 1,944,697 copies of the Japanese album since its debut here in June 2017, of which only three were released in 2018 with the record of 1,351,624 copies.

MV “Yes Or Yes” – TWICE

In 2018, the two girl groups that could be compared to TWICE in the album sales are BLACKPINK and IZ*ONE. BLACKPINK‘s mini album after 2 years of debut “Square Up” has now been sold with more than 220,000 copies. The new group IZ*ONE has proven their strength by releasing more than 100,000 albums in just one week.

TWICE current rivals: BLACKPINK and IZ*ONE

However, it can be seen that TWICE still holds the title of the girl group with the highest album sales. Even though they released their 3rd album in the same year, the sales of each album are also extremely stable. All of them exceeded 300,000 copies. Let’s look forward to some new breakthroughs in 2019 to see if the title of the 9 JYP girls can be shaken or not!

Source: Kenh14

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