A netizen eventually found decisive evidence regarding the hacking of V and Jennie’s dating photos 

Evidence proving that the dating photos of BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V are photoshopped is drawing attention.

Two photos of Jennie and V enjoying their dates recently spread on various online communities. Since the two’s agencies have not released any positions on the dating rumor, more suspicions have been raised.

However, new speculation related to Jennie and V’s drawing rumor appeared on online communities, such as Nate Pann, and SNS site Twitter.

jennie bts v

Netizens began to suspect that the controversial photos were edited when a foreigner claimed himself as the person who hacked actor Lee Do-hyun’s Instagram account and voluntarily confessed that he made a lot of photoshop pictures of Jennie and V. 

The hacker created a new Instagram account and explained. He said, “Did you see this picture? It’s not real, it’s photoshop. I did it”, adding “I made a lot of photoshop pictures of Jennie and V. If someone posts it, it’s photoshop, it’s done by me.”

jennie bts v
blackpink jennie bts v

When asked, “From where did you find the picture of Jennie in the waiting room?”, the hacker said, “She’s my girlfriend”, and revealed that they’re Chinese.

He also apologized and explained that one of his friends published the photos.

jennie bts v

In addition, another netizen, who raised suspicions of V and Jennie’s photos being photoshopped from the beginning, sent an e-mail to the hacker to request a photoshop commission. In the screenshots of the e-mails, the hacker refused the request, pointing out that the commission price was too low.

This netizen sent the hacker an e-mail, saying “I would be very interested in inquiring for a picture involving 1 member of a C-Pop group and a rising Korean soloist artist”, adding “If I was mistaken and you do not edit pictures, I am genuinely sorry and please ignore my mail. But if you indeed are able to edit pictures, I am willing to offer a high price for it”. In response, the hacker replied, “Which people are you referring to? Also the price seems very low”.

Earlier, amid Jennie and V’s romantic relationship rumors, YG Entertainment said, “BLACKPINK has left for the U.S on August 25th after filming the music video for their second full album at a set in Gyeonggi-do on August 24th”, adding “They are scheduled to perform at the MTV VMAs and promote their second full album in the U.S.”

jennie bts v

Regarding the dating rumor, YG did not use the familiar expression “It’s impossible to confirm it since it’s groundless or the artist’s private issue”. However, the information about Jennie’s departure to the U.S is presumed to be not only a notice of her busy schedule that has already been set but also an indirect way to emphasize that she has nothing to do with such dating rumors. 

Source: wikitree

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