Reporters rage at YG and Big Hit for their passive reaction to V and Jennie’s dating rumors

If it is true that private photos of BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V were leaked, YG and Big Hit should respond quickly and firmly.

Another photo believed to be taken by Jennie and V circulated online on August 25th, sparking controversy. This time, it’s an affectionate mirror selfie, and the fact that it was taken with the same background as one of the old photos released by V caused the dating rumor to evoke once again. When a photo of two people in a waiting room spread on the Internet two days ago, Jennie and V were pointed out as the man and the woman in the picture.

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However, Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment and V’s agency Big Hit Music are still passive in responding to the situation.

In an article published on August 25th, My Daily reporter pointed out, “Both agencies normally don’t make any official statement on the private life of their artists, but the issue this time is not just about Jennie and V’s romantic relationship. It is because the two controversial photos revealed recently are completely different from the one that caused V and Jennie’s dating rumor to arise for the first time.”

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When the first dating rumor broke out, the photo of a man and a woman believed to be Jennie and V driving in a car was taken and spread by another person. However, all the new photos released this time were taken by the woman said to be Jennie herself.

He added, “Because of this reason, netizens are raising suspicions that photos from Jennie’s private SNS account might have been hacked by someone. If the photos were really leaked by hackers, it could be considered a criminal act. Therefore, an immediate and strong response is urgently needed to prevent further damage to the artists”, adding “If the agencies don’t respond to the leaked photos and keep staying silent about the dating rumors, Jennie and V will be the ones who suffer the damage.”


SBS reporter expressed a similar opinion, saying “Jennie’s private photos have been spread online. There is a high possibility that her phone has been hacked and her private life is being revealed without her knowing that. In addition, the fact that the SNS account that spread these photos is located in another country, there are also suspicions that Jennie is being attacked by hackers.”

When the waiting room photo was leaked, fans already raised concerns about the possibility of more photos being distributed. Then another photo was leaked and the two agencies didn’t do anything again. Whether Jennie and V are dating or not, photos are being shared everywhere and their artists are being called out from time to time, but YG Entertainment and Big Hit Music couldn’t even issue a warning.  

Source: Nate

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