Current status of IZ*ONE members after 1 year of disbanding 

After a year of the split, each member of IZ*ONE are continuing to make headlines.

Coming from Mnet’s survival show “Produce 48”, after nearly 3 years of operation, IZ*ONE officially disbanded in April 2021. After a year, each member has different directions and achieves their own achievements.


1. Jang Wonyoung

Jang Wonyoung officially debuted as a member of IVE in December 2021. The group successfully released two singles “ELEVEN” and “LOVE DIVE” which were selling well and holding high positions on the digital music charts. Wonyoung herself is also becoming more and more popular, constantly appearing on entertainment programs, and magazines, being the MC, model, and ambassador of many famous brands such as Innisfree, Miu Miu, etc.


2. Miyawaki Sakura

After IZ*ONE disbanded, Sakura returned to Japan and graduated from HKT48. The female idol then signed a contract with HYBE Corporation and was in the debut lineup of the rookie group LE SSERAFIM produced by HYBE and Source Music. The group will officially debut in May, promising to be one of the formidable girl groups of the 4th generation.


3. Jo Yuri

Yuri debuted as a solo singer in October 2021 with the single “GLASSY” and achieved success such as selling more than 75,000 copies on Hanteo, entering digital music charts like Melon, Bugs, Genie, iTunes, etc. Currently, the female idol is participating in the web drama “MIMIC” with some other young actors such as Yoo Young Jae, Kim Yoon Woo, Nana (woo!ah!). The drama will air in the summer of 2022.

Jo Yuri

4. Choi Yena

Yena also chose to go solo and got off to a successful start with her solo single “SMILEY” in January 2022. Currently, this song is still having a stable ranking on Korea’s digital music chart. With “SMILEY“, Yena quickly won the first trophy of her career as a solo singer. The female idol also actively participates in a number of entertainment shows and events.

choi yena

5. Ahn Yujin

Like Wonyoung, Yujin debuted with IVE and became the leader of the group. The female idol has many outstanding personal activities such as being an MC, going to shows, taking shoots for magazines, doing advertisements, appearing in Versace’s global campaign, etc.


6. Yabuki Nako

Nako has returned to Japan and continues to work with HKT48. In December 2021, the female idol was appointed as the center for the group’s 2nd full album titled “Outstanding“. Besides actively doing group activities, Nako also goes to shows, doing commercials and shoots photos for magazines. Currently, she is with HKT48 on a tour around Japan.

Yabuki Naki

7. Kwon Eunbi

Kwon Eunbi made her solo debut in August 2021 with the mini-album “Open”. With its catchy and easy-listening melody, the title song “Door” received positive responses from fans. Eunbi has just come back with the new single “COLOR” and is currently carrying out various promotional activities for the title track “Glitch”.

Kwon Eunbi

8. Kang Hyewon

Unlike other members, Kang Hyewon turned to become an actress and recently appeared in the web drama “Best Mistake Season 3”. In December 2021, Hyewon released a winter special album called “W” together with the title song “Winter Poem”. As the muse of many brands, she is often seen taking photoshoots and attending events.

Kang Hye-won

9. Honda Hitomi

Hitomi returned to Japan and officially joined AKB48’s activities again, including appearing on variety shows, doing concert tours, ads and magazine photoshoots, etc. She was also chosen to be the center for AKB48’s 59th single to be released on May 18th. Hitomi and AKB48 recently appeared in the concert of HKT48 as female guests. Hitomi was also selected as the MC for the “KCON JAPAN” event, which will be held in May.


10. Kim Chaewon

After IZ*ONE disbanded, Kim Chaewon returned to Woollim and carried out several activities, such as taking magazine photoshoots and doing cover videos. After a while, Kim Chaewon signed an exclusive contract with HYBE and Source Music to join Sakura in the new girl group LE SSERAFIM, which will debut in May. It is known that Kim Chaewwon has been assigned as the leader of this rookie girl group.

kim chae won

11. Kim Minju

After coming back to her agency Urban Works, Minju changed her career path to acting. It is sad that Minju did receive an offer to continue to be an idol, but she denied it to focus on acting only. Minju is currently working as an MC for “Music Core” alongside several other activities, such as magazine shootings, events, etc.

Kim Min-ju body

12. Lee Chaeyeon

After her finishing all the schedules with IZ*ONE, Chaeyeon returned to her company WM Entertainment. Chaeyeon drew keen attention by competing in the famous dancing survival show “Street Woman Fighter” as a member of WANT crew in August 2021. After the show, she is still releasing impressive choreography videos and communicating with fans through her personal Instagram account.

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