Can you believe Nayeon and Hwasa were born in the same year? Same age-different charm: Cute vs Sexy

Nayeon (TWICE) and Hwasa (MAMAMOO)’s opposing styles and looks can be a surprise to the public.

Many stars in the entertainment industry are of the same age but because of their opposing styles, they happened to create an unbelievable difference in appearance and impression. Nayeon (TWICE) and Hwasa (MAMAMOO) are trending on social media because they are also in this case. Specifically, on social networking site Pann today (December 23rd), a post attracted a lot of attention from Korean netizens because for comparing the appearance of two female idols born in 1995, Nayeon and Hwasa.

Though born in the same year, Nayeon looks like she could be Hwasa’s niece. In addition, the style and appearance of the 2 female idols are completely opposite. While Nayeon is always associated with the pure, cute image, Hwasa often shocks fans with revealing outfits. Nayeon’s body is slender but not attempting, while Hwasa has a S-line body that fits perfectly in Western standards. Placed side by side, Nayeon and Hwasa create an extremely interesting contrast.

Who could believe that Nayeon and Hwasa were both born in 1995?

Source: K14

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