Han Hyo-joo, who had an innocent image, shows bold fashion that attracts people’s attention

Actress Han Hyo-joo, who will be returning with the movie “Believer 2”, boasted her solid muscular body.

The bold fashion of Han Hyo-joo, who has maintained an innocent image, surprised viewers.

On August 3rd, Han Hyo-joo posted several photos on her Instagram without any special caption.


In the photos, she was wearing a cropped T-shirt, short pants and a hat.

Perhaps because of the short clothes, Han Hyo-joo, who is 172cm tall, stood out even more.

Her 8-head body ratio caught the eye.

Fellow actors’ response to this was hot.

han hyo joo instagram

Kim Go-eun was surprised and left a comment saying, “Wow, hot.” Park Ha-sun exclaimed, “You’re pretty.” Han Ji-min reacted as if she had fallen in love with several heart emoticons.

As Han Hyo-joo’s hidden body was revealed, netizens commented, “Is it okay to have such long legs?”, “Golden ratio”, “I’m envious of your abs”, “So hot”, “You’re really tall”, “Why are you that hot?”…

Han Hyo-joo will be appearing in Netflix’s “Believer 2”, the sequel to the movie “Believer”.

han hyo joo instagram

She will play the role of “Big Knife”, a character who knows the identity of the drug cartel’s boss Mr. Lee. She focused on exercising to get a body fit for the role.

On July 21st, she was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 and announced the news of suspending filming.

han hyo joo instagram

“Believer 2” featuring Han Hyo-joo depicts the breathtaking battle between Won-ho (Cho Jin-woong), who is still chasing Mr. Lee’s organization, and Rak, who has gone missing, as well as Brian (Cha Seung-won), who reappears in front of them, and the new character Big Knife (Han Hyo-joo).

The exact release date has yet to be determined.

Source: wikitree

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