Korean actors and actresses who risked their lives on set

Acting can come dangers and hardships that happen behind the scenes that viewers often do know of. In the worst cases, actors can even be hospitalized.

Kang Dong Won

kang dong won

Kang Dong Won is best known for his works on the big screen. Some of his most notable films include “Too Beautiful To Lie”, “Temptation of Wolves”, “Secret Reunion” and the latest award-winning film “Broker”. Kang Dong Woon has consistently flaunted his top-tier acting and versatility through diverse roles and film genres, among those are his action films.

kang dong won

During his filming for “Master” alongside Lee Byung Hun, Kang Dong Won unfortunately got a neck injury from a glass shard that postponed all the filming process. Because of the hectic filming schedules, Kang Dong Won daringly took out the shard himself and let the medical officer stitch up the open wound.

Yoo Ah In

yoo ah in

Yoo Ah In is one of the prominent actors that could take home countless awards with one breakout role. For example, the 2020 feature film “Voice of Silence” helped Yoo Ah In bag Awards from Blue Dragon Awards, Baeksang, Buil Film, Cine 21, Fantasia International Film Festival, Asian Film and the Daesang (Grand Prize) from AAA, to name a few. A star of his own kind, Yoo Ah In took on a wildly different path that not many choose to walk on, with its own benefits and obstacles. 

yoo ah in

His most serious accident occured on the set of the film “Veteran” during a car chase scene. Yoo Ah In acted out the scene himself without any stunt double, driving the car at 200 kilometers an hour. Despite a well planned out filming process, an accident happened. The windshield from a motor was detached unexpectedly and hit Yoo Ah In’s jaws. While the injury was painful, he was extremely lucky as only 5 centimeters lower he would have lost his life. 

Kim Hee Ae – Lee Moo Sang

kim hee ae

TV drama “The World of the Married” marked another success for Kim Hee Ae. Despite being a psychological drama, there are some heavy actions that demand strength and guts to pull off. There is a scene where Kim Hee Ae’s character Sun Woo ran into the sea and got pulled back by her best friend Kim Yoon Gi, played by Lee Moo Sang. 

kim hee ae

While they were acting the scene, both actors were unaware they were being pulled away further from land by the strong waves. If it had not been for the rescue team present at the moment, they could have ended up at the bottom of the ocean. 

Lee Min Ho

lee min ho

Lee Min Ho made a great impression as a rich and attractive character in numerous iconic dramas such as “Boys Over Flowers”, “The Inheritors”, “Legend of the Blue Sea” and “The King: Eternal Monarch”. Because of the typecasting, some viewers often believed he had an easy and cruising career. However, Lee Min Ho always gave his all during filming, even when he was suffering from injuries. 

lee min ho

According to the crew of the action film “Gangnam 1970”, Lee Min Ho, when playing a gang leader, had to do many physically demanding action scenes, with wrestling in mud being the most difficult. Due to the lengthy filming process to capture various angles of the scene, many actors contracted diseases while Lee Min Ho himself got covered in bruises and wounds. Even his toe nail went disappeared without his knowing. 

Lee Seung Gi

lee seung gi

Thanks to his devotion, Lee Seung Gi has always been loved by the public and he also works extra hard to return the love. The most persuasive example of his dedication is seen in his injury on the set of “You’re All Surrounded”, Lee Seung Gi got stabbed in the eye with a knife prop. The injury caused his eye to bleed internally and he was asked to wait for a full recovery before continuing filming. 

lee seung gi

While long resting time is expected in that kind of injury, Lee Seung Gi still stepped forward and apologized for the inconvenience and promised he would get back as soon as possible. 

Song Joong Ki

“Descendants of the Sun” Yoo Shi Jin, a good-looking, courageous and loving military captain is a lifetime role for Song Joong Ki. During the filming for this legendary drama, Song Joong Ki suffered from a serious incident. 

song joong ki

Specifically, Song Joong Ki’s arm had a fracture that took months to recover. To accommodate the situation while letting the actor take his time to recover, Song Joong Ki wore a cast to the scene and turned it into a prop. When you see Captain Yoo wearing a cast during one episode, it was actually a real injury. That is to see how dedicated he was to his role. 

Kim So Hyun


Kim So Hyun once had an accident on the set of “Tales of Nokdu”. While shooting for a horse riding scene, the actress suddenly fell off the horse and got injured. The incident happened too quickly and no staff could react in time. The actress was immediately transferred to a hospital. After the incident, Kim So Hyun resumed filming, yet with a little more care this time. 

Han So Hee


Han So Hee broke the news with her recent injury onset of “Kyungseong Creature”, her next action series after the hit drama “My Name”. Specifically, the actress was reported to be injured around the eye area in one of the action scenes, causing her to be rushed to the hospital. Fortunately enough, the actress was only under treatment by the doctors and will not have to undergo any surgery. The news relieved her fans.

han so hee my name

While the actors and actresses may look stunning and cleanly shaven on the red carpet, they have to undergo painstaking filming sessions and even suffer from physical injuries behind the scenes. When such issues arise it is the dedication and resilience that keep them going and produce more, and hopefully, successful works. 

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