Controversy over BBQ restaurant employee insulting NCT’s Chinese member Chenle using racist words

NCT fans are frustrated knowing member Chenle was disparaged by an employee of a restaurant he visited

An article titled, “You know Chenle often visits the restaurant but how can you be so disrespectful towards someone because of their personality?”, is spreading widely on online communities and social media, drawing keen attention.

The netizen who posted the article showed a screenshot of a photo believed to have been posted on SNS by an employee of the BBQ restaurant NCT Chenle visited.


The photo shows Chenle eating at the restaurant with his friend.

However, controversy arose as the restaurant employee wrote the caption “NCT Chenle jjang-ggae” in the photo. In particular, “jjang-ggae” is a slang used by Koreans to disparage Chinese people.

Seeing the photo, NCT fans and netizens exploded with anger. They reacted, “How could they insult their customer like that?”, “This is too much”, “They’re so racist”, “The restaurant employee is so stupid”, “Aren’t they crazy?”, “The employee crossed the line”, etc.

In response to the post exposing the employee’s racist attitude, a person wrote an apology on behalf of the restaurant.

Source: Insight

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