CLASS:y’s Park Bo-eun, who is said to resemble Jennie and Karina, receives explosive responses for her visual in the new debut promotion video

Rookie girl group CLASS:y caught the eyes of netizens since their first promotion activities.


CLASS:y (Won Ji-min, Kim Seon-yu, Myung Hyung-seo, Hong Hye-ju, Kim Ri-won, Park Bo-eun, Yoon Chae-won) released a spoiler video for their debut album tracklist on Naver TV and Youtube at noon on March 25th. The girl group drew attention as they introduced the tracklist through a video, not an image.

The tracklist spoiler video shows CLASS:y member Park Bo-eun filming something like a CF. Right from the first promotion content, the video promotion is said to have been a success. Through the video, netizens can find out 3 charms and unique colors of Park Bo-eun and CLASS:y.

#1 A complete perfection of appearance, skills, and style

CLASSy Park Bo-eun

CLASS:y’s Park Bo-eun made her name known to the public as an excellent trainee from MBC’s audition program “My Teenage Girl” who owns perfect appearance, skills and style. At the beginning of the show, Park Bo-eun was nicknamed “Ulsan Jennie” because of her visual, but throughout the audition process, she demonstrated an extraordinary aura, unique voice and high-quality performances, proving herself as a promising singer.

The same is true in this tracklist spoiler video. Park Bo-eun is drawing attention with her own charm as “Park Bo-eun” with a more mature visual, charismatic and lovely facial expressions as well as impressive styling.

#2 Infinite growth 

CLASSy Park Bo-eun

Park Bo-eun tried acting for the first time through this tracklist spoiler video. Having never learned acting properly before, the young idol still showed off her natural talent in front of the camera. Seeing Park Bo-eun’s performance, fans are also raising expectations for her official debut as an actress in the future.

In addition, Park Bo-eun perfectly pulled off the red hairstyle for the first time through this promotion video. KPOP fans are cheering for Park Bo-eun, who is always confident when performing on stage and not afraid of taking challenges. Fans paying attention to the surprising growth of Park Bo-eun in the future, starting with these pre-debut promotion activities.

#3 Curiosity about the new song

As Park Bo-eun appeared in the tracklist spoiler video with a more mature appearance, fans are raising curiosity about CLASS:y’s debut concept. As the promotion video of 1 minute and 30 seconds includes both the charismatic girl crush and pure rookie images, attention is focused on what color will the girl group show in their actual debut song 

Moreover, the intense beat in the tracklist video also makes fans curious about what kind of song CLASS:y will show and how perfectly the members will pull it off.

CLASS:y has been carrying out unusual plans that have not been seen in any other idol groups since their first promotion. Starting with the release of the tracklist video being made like a video shooting, expectations for the groundbreaking steps that CLASS:y will show through their debut and new images in the KPOP market. 

Meanwhile, CLASS:y is pouring all their efforts to make a successful debut.

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