A Japanese influencer’s cover makeup that looks like Squid Game’s Gong Yoo

The popularity of Netflix’s original drama ‘Squid Game’ shows no signs of declining.

Influencers such as YouTubers and streamers, as well as overseas celebrities are pouring out parody videos related to ‘Squid Game’.

On October 10th (local time), a Japanese influencer published a make-up cover video of an unexpected character through her TikTok account ‘iyochan_’.

The character, by whom the Japanese woman was deeply impressed after watching ‘Squid Game’, was none other than ‘the paper flip game man’ Gong Yoo.

Well-known for her comical cover makeup, this woman drew laughter from her subscribers by imitating Gong Yoo’s styling, which left a brief but strong impression in ‘Squid Game’.

In the released video, the woman boasted a very similar (?) synchronization by expressing Gong Yoo’s thick eyebrows, high nose bridge and attractive wrinkles with her makeup.

Not only covering the sad (?) Gong Yoo’s makeup, she also held Korean banknotes by one hand. The subscribers responded to the video with 78,000 likes.

Netizens who saw the video burst into laughter and left comments such as “It’s the same…”, “It’s like Gong Yoo rolled over several times”, “I hate to admit it, but this really looks like him”, “It’s annoying because this really looks like him”…

‘Cover makeup’ refers to someone putting on makeup as similar as possible to a specific celebrity’s makeup.

The makeup artist is able to recreate a specific person’s appearance with makeup alone on top of completely different features, and it is a type of content that is steadily popular among influencers both in Korea and abroad.

Source: Insight

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