cignature – the most unlucky Kpop rookie group?

Rarely does a Kpop rookie group active for a short time but all key members have left the group at once.

cignature is one of the girl groups that debut in 2020. The group, reformed from the GOOD DAY lineup, debuted with Nun Nu Nan Na in February 2020 with 7 members.  cignature is even nominated for the Rookie Female Rookie of the Year award at MAMA 2020, a strong rival to aespa, Weeekly.

While fans are looking forward to the next products from cignature, on April 27th, J9 Entertainment – the group’s agency – suddenly announced that 2 members Ye Ah and Sunn have left the group.  This information shocked fans. Ye Ah is the main vocal, especially Sunn is both the main dancer and the main rapper.

Ye Ah

According to the announcement, 2 members Ye Ah and Sunn proposed their wish to leave the group while they were preparing their comeback in March. After that, J9 Entertainment approved and terminated their contract with them.  So from now on, cignature will work with a 5-man lineup.  Losing key members in all 3 areas vocal, dance and rap, cignature will definitely fall into a difficult situation.  People cannot help but worry about the group’s future. Hopefully, luck will come to the remaining 5 girls.

Netizens comment:

  • Knowing these girls from Good Day to cignature. What a pity!
  • It’s sad but maybe they will disband soon.
  • The rest of the members, please do your best and have a lot of luck!
  • Last year they were nominated for rookie of the year at MAMA. Thought they would be a formidable opponent of aespa but …

Source: K14

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