Senior singers reacted to the small mistake of NewJeans Minji when hosting “Music Bank” for the first time

NewJeans Minji’s slip of the tongue while being a special MC on KBS2’s “Music Bank” became a hot topic among netizens.

On January 20th, Minji became a two-week special MC for “Music Bank” to replace IVE Jang Won Young, who recently dropped out of the music program. During the live broadcast, Minji and MC Lee Chae Min interviewed No.1 candidates Monsta X and SF9.

newjeans minji

During the interview, Monsta X and SF9 took turns and made their promises for the first-place win. Monsta X said, “If we win the first place, we will wear black rabbit masks because this is the year of the black rabbit”. SF9 also promised, “We will perform while carrying each other on our backs”.

newjeans minji

After then, Minji said, “You can check whose ceremony is going on after a moment. When can we watch your problems… performances?”. The female smiled shyly after saying the wrong word. 

In response, Monsta X Hyungwon said, “Yes, you can see our problems soon!”.

newjeans minji

After the interview, Minji bowed to the two groups for making a slip of the tongue. Monsta X members, including Hyungwon, showed thumbs-up gestures to comfort Minji, saying “It’s okay”.

newjeans minji

In response to the scene, netizens commented, “Hyungwon and Minji are 10 years apart. He treats her like a baby”, “She was really startled”, “Jooheon talks a lot”, “They’re all so cute”, “Minji is so lovely”, etc.

Meanwhile, Monsta X won the No.1 trophy with their new song “Beautiful Liar” on “Musc Bank” that day.

Source: wikitree

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