Fans are angry to see the “Wednesday” star being harassed right on camera

As Percy Hynes White is being canceled online, a video of Jenna Ortega being touched inappropriately by her acting partner is spreading.

After Netflix series “Wednesday” proved itself as a worldwide big hit, the on-screen couple Jenna Ortega – Percy Hynes White also became a fans’ favorite. As Tyler is gone, Xavier is seen as the most compatible candidate to become a couple with Wednesday Addams in the series. However, at the moment, actor Percy Hynes White is being boycotted due to his racist remarks and sexual assault.


At the height of it, a video where fans claim the actor was inappropriately touching Jenna Ortega is spreading.

The young stars of “Wednesday” appeared together at the Golden Globe Awards and was taking photos to commemorate the event. However, in a behind-the-scene video of the photoshoot, White intimately touched and hugged Ortega. The moment wouldn’t have been controversial if White didn’t continuously touched the actress’ chest with a smug expression.

Immediately, Jenna Ortega showed her discomfort and tried to avoid Percy Hynes White’s hands. The video is going viral online, and most reaction are shocked by how rude the young actor was.

After the succesful “Wednesday,” White and Ortega are being considered to work together again for a project titled “Winter Spring Summer or Fall.” However, with the boycott uproar going on, White is being pressured to leave season 2 of “Wednesday”. Ortegar herself is being bombarded by viewers regarding her current situation and what is her reaction to the viral video.


Source: K14

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