Chuu’s exclusive contract lawsuit to conclude on August 17th

Former LOONA member Chuu’s exclusive contract lawsuit is expected to conclude in August.

On June 1st, the Seoul Northern District Court’s 12th Civil Division held the 4th hearing for the civil lawsuit filed by Chuu against Blockberry to confirm the non-existence of the validity of the exclusive contract.

Chuu filed a lawsuit against Blockberry in December 2021 to confirm the non-existence of the exclusive contract’s validity. This lawsuit has gone through 3 hearings so far. The court attempted to reach an agreement through the conciliation process but failed, resulting in the continuation of the legal dispute.


The court set the sentencing date for August 17th after completing all of the arguments.

Amid the ongoing lawsuit over her exclusive contract with Blockberry, Chuu signed a contract with ATRP and is accelerating her solo career. ATRP is a new entertainment agency created by CEO Kim Jin Mi, who served as WM Entertainment’s general director. CEO Kim Jin Mi discovered B1A4, OH MY GIRL and ONF while working at WM Entertainment.

In November 2022, through a notice on LOONA’s official fancafe, Blockberry announced, “We decided to expel and remove artist Chuu (real name Kim Ji Woo) from the group LOONA. We conducted an investigation after receiving reports about abuse of power, including verbal abuse, by Chuu toward our staff members, and found out it was true. Our company’s representative has apologized to the staff and is currently comforting them. We also decided to take responsibility by expelling Chuu from LOONA.” Last January, LOONA’s comeback was postponed indefinitely, showing a tough attitude.


However, in response to this announcement, Chuu continued her entertainment activities without any major problems and did not mention much about BY4M Studio, which was known to have signed a contract with her for her independent activities.

Source: Daum

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