Jang Won Young gained healthy weight, drew attention with her glowing beauty

Recently, Jang Won Young showcased her increased weight and attracted attention with her radiant beauty at an official event.

On May 31st, Jang Won Young appeared at the photocall event for a jewelry brand held at Shinsegae Department Store Gangnam Branch in Seoul. Here, the female idol appeared in an all-white outfit, exuding an angelic aura as if she had descended from the sky.


With her hair neatly tied back, Jang Won Young boasted shining facial features that outshone the sparkling necklace she was wearing.

In addition, Jang Won Young’s slightly plump cheeks drew attention, raising speculation that she may have gained healthy weight.


Fans who witnessed Jang Won Young’s beauty did not hold back their praise, commenting, “She looks much better now”, and “With the weight gain, she appears more vibrant and beautiful.”

Last year, when Jang Won Young was promoting “After LIKE” as part of IVE, the female idol appeared extremely thin, to the point her ribs were visible. As a result, whenever her fancam videos were uploaded, fans expressed their wishes for her to take good care of her health.


Meanwhile, Jang Won Young’s group, IVE, released their first full-length album, “I’ve IVE”, on April 10th. 

With the title track “I AM” and b-side track “Kitsch”, IVE proved their worth as “MZ Generation’s Icon” by dominating various music charts and demonstrating their popularity in the music industry.

Source: Insight 

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