Chuu speaks up after being removed from LOONA, “I’ve never done anything to be ashamed of” 

Former LOONA member Chuu opened up about the controversy over her departure.

On November 28th, Chuu said, “Hello. This is Chuu. Thank you so much for the concern and comfort you sent me.”

She continued, “I have not been contacted or known anything about a series of situations, so I am grasping the situation, but what’s clear is that I have never done anything that would make my fans feel ashamed. I’ll speak to you again as soon as my position is decided.”


At the end, she said, “Thank you so much for your concern and trust.” 

Earlier, LOONA’s agency, Blockberry Creative, announced on November 25th, “We have decided to remove Chuu as a member of LOONA as of today.” According to the agency, Chuu was abusing her power and using violent language towards the staff, so they decided to kick Chuu out of the group and the company.

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However, at the insistence of the agency, broadcasters and colleagues in the entertainment industry who worked with Chuu came forward to defend her. Writers of the web entertainment show “Chuu Can Do It”, LOONA member Hyunjin, and singer Sunmi have shown support for Chuu.

Regarding this, the agency said, “The notice posted on November 25th was a notice from the company explaining the group and members’ whereabouts and reasons for Chuu’s departure from LOONA to the fans and those who love LOONA, not revelations.”


The agency continued, “The part related to the facts is an issue that should be revealed by those who have experienced unfair things or want to correct something. Our company has confirmed and announced our position. We ask you to refrain from groundless speculative articles or reports. If Chuu and the victim agree to disclose all details, including the abuse of power, our company will fully cooperate with the media’s request.”

Source: Nate

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