Staff member jumps to Chuu’s defense after agency kicks her out of LOONA for “power trip and abusive language” 

Chuu was removed from LOONA for allegedly mistreating the staff, but a staff member has defended her. 

On November 25th, writer A, who worked with Chuu (Kim Ji Woo) on her web entertainment show “Chuu Can Do It”, posted on her Instagram, saying, “It’s really funny to claim that Chuu is abusing her power (toward the staff). Ji Woo was having a hard time herself, but she was still worried that the staff wouldn’t get paid.”

A continued, “I was frustrated once and told her, ‘Worry about yourself first!’ and she said, ‘I know it’s hard because I’ve been through it too, so I just can’t stand seeing that’. We all know that Chuu wasn’t taken care of properly.” 


A added, “Even so, Ji Woo will do well. Because she is so nice to people,” and included the hashtags with Chuu and LOONA’s names. 

Earlier, on the same day, LOONA’s agency, Blockberry Creative, announced on the group’s official fancafe, “We have decided to expel Chuu, our agency’s artist, from LOONA as of November 25, 2022.”.


The agency claimed that the reason for Chuu being removed was “because of Chuu’s abuse of power and abusive language towards our staff.”

Recently, Chuu has been caught up in rumors of being bullied and agency transfer. In addition, suspicions were raised that she had not received payments from her agency.

Source: Wikitree

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