A summery of Chuu’s (LOONA) situation before BBC announced her expulsion from LOONA due to her power trip towards the staff 

BBC announced Chuu’s departure from LOONA due to abuse of power. 

Blockberry Creative, its agency, posted a statement on the official fan cafe of LOONA on the 25th announcing, “We decided to expel Chuu (real name Kim Ji-woo), an artist from our company, from LOONA as of November 25, 2022.”

According to the agency, the reason for Chuu’s removal is her verbal abuse and power trip toward staff. Blockberry Creative explained, “We conducted an investigation after receiving reports about abuse of power, including verbal abuse, by Chuu toward our staff members, and found out it was true. Our company’s representative has apologized to the staff and is currently comforting them. We also decided to take responsibility by expelling Chuu from LOONA.”


1. Chuu has not been paid by Blockberry Creative for the past 5 years despite her number of commercial shootings and entertainment program participation and an individual YouTube channel. 

2. Korean news said Chuu filed a lawsuit against BBC at the end of last year.

3. BBC was found to have copyrighted the stage name Chuu in the midst of controversy.

4. The Korean newspaper continued to report that Chuu was about to leave the BBC, but the BBC denied the allegation and threatened to sue for false information. Chuu’s fansite accuses the agency of ignoring the female idol. 

Whether it’s the group’s or individual official schedule, the company did not bother to pick Chuu up. The female idol was reported to have to carry her suitcase by herself and take a taxi or ask her parents to  take her to the destination. The hair and makeup expenses were paid by Chuu herself. A series of articles and evidence proving BBC’s discrimination against Chuu came to light.


5. After many reports of accusations surfaced, BBC slowly removed Chuu from LOONA’s schedule.

6. Korean news outlets reported that Chuu had left the BBC and established his own management company but was still in LOONA. BBC denied that Chuu left the company and established her own company.

7. Although Chuu had not officially left the group, Chuu was not included in LOONA’s Japanese comeback, and was unable to attend LOONA’s tour due to her company’s restriction. The female idol was not made aware and was really excited to meet her fans.

8. Today’s announcement about Chuu being kicked out of the group due to abuse of power and attitude towards staff was posted by BBC without any supporting evidence.

Source: LSB

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