Chinese Media Draws a Comparison Between Crazy Horse, Where BLACKPINK Lisa’s Performed, and Sex Shows in Thailand

BLACKPINK Lisa recently made headlines for her performance at the renowned Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris

In the aftermath of Lisa’s performance, Chinese media outlets compared Crazy Horse to the sex shows in Lisa’s home country Thailand. In response, many fans of Lisa argued that her appearance at Crazy Horse was a celebration of female empowerment.

The controversy began with the release of a photo showing Lisa dressed in underwear, accompanied by female dancers who were topless, their chests concealed only by their hands. This photo raised questions about the alignment of Crazy Horse’s supposed advocacy for freedom, women’s rights, and women’s liberation with the actual performance.

One critical comment pointed out the irony, “Lisa wears a revealing outfit, the female dancers are topless, while the man wears a suit and tie; it’s ironic.” 

lisa blackpink crazy horse

In China, public opinion on Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse has been intense. In particular, Sina suggested that Crazy Horse might be using famous Asian female artists like Lisa to enhance the value of their strip shows.

Alain Bernardin, the founder of Crazy Horse, once openly expressed that the show’s original purpose was to demonstrate that the naked bodies of women could also be a source of income. 

Audience reviews of the show have primarily focused on its emotional experiences, with phrases like “must-see,” “amazing,” “a spectacle on stage,” and “even better with champagne” frequently appearing. However, these reviews tend to emphasize the emotional impact rather than the artistic aspect. 

One crucial distinction to make is the difference between Crazy Horse’s professional strip shows and the concept of cabaret entertainment, as exemplified by the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris. 

While cabaret involves singing and dancing in establishments like restaurants and bars, Crazy Horse is focused on stripping, characterized by minimal outfits and dramatic lighting.

Crazy Horse dancers are selected based on strict aesthetic criteria, including age, height, leg length, and specific body measurements. Their performances under blues or jazz music and dramatic lighting leave little to the imagination as they display their near-perfect bodies, either fully nude or semi-nude.

Crazy Horse performances often incorporate props such as tables, champagne, and bathtubs. The stages may also blend segments from classical literature, adding depth to the artistic experience. Magic tricks and comedy are interspersed with dance routines, creating a multifaceted show.

lisa blackpink crazy horse

The blend of light, sound, color, and women’s nude bodies has become synonymous with the renowned reputation of Crazy Horse. Dancers wear heavy makeup and sport identical faux hairstyles, enhancing their visual unity and accentuating their bodies through stage design.

Notably, the Chinese media draws a parallel between Crazy Horse and the sex shows in Thailand. They contend that if one chooses to perceive the Crazy Horse Show in Paris as an art form, then Pattaya, Thailand, stands as the epitome of artistic expression. Pattaya offers, at the very least, a more economical and entertaining option for the public.

In France, attending a Crazy Horse performance comes with a price tag of 250 euros ($262). Following Lisa’s announcement, Crazy Horse decided to raise ticket prices. Historically, tickets for Crazy Horse performances were priced at around 135 euros ($141.5).

In the red-light district of Pattaya, Thailand, in recent years, the cost of engaging with nude female dancers in an interactive setting has been as low as 100 baht (roughly $2.69).

lisa blackpink crazy horse

It’s essential to remember that Lisa is an adult who has the autonomy to make her own decisions. Nevertheless, as a global star and member of BLACKPINK, her decision to perform at Crazy Horse has ignited a debate about whether it promotes art or objectification.

In defense of their idol, many of Lisa’s fans claim her performance is an act of women’s empowerment. However, netizens argue that true women’s rights involve striving for fairness and equality for all women, rather than celebrating performances that involve nudity and body exposure.

Source: K14

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