“The power of Chinese fanclub”… Baidu V Bar purchased 4.5 billion won worth of BTS’s “Proof” album, setting new record as the No.1 first-day joint purchase 

The Chinese fanclub of BTS’s V reportedly bought 4.5 billion won worth of BTS’s new album “Proof”.

Baidu V Bar announced on June 10th that they jointly purchased 169,913 copies of BTS’s new album “Proof” in total on the first day of its release. This is currently the No.1 joint purchase of “Proof” album, which costs 4.49681 billion won.

fan BTS V

This record is also the highest amount of joint purchase albums on the first day of an album release. Baidu V Bar ordered an overwhelming amount of “Proof” albums, accounting for 40% of the total sales of fandom joint purchases in China. 

Thanks to this huge support, BTS achieved the title “double-million seller” by recording 2,155,363 copies on the first day of their album release. 


Baidu V Bar, which is known as the No.1 among K-pop fanclub, is showing off their amazing supporting capability with strong financial power and fan power.

When BTS’s 2020 album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” was released, they jointly purchased 230,000 copies, setting the new record as the No.1 joint purchase among K-pop individual fanclubs. 

bts proof

In particular, they also drew attention from domestic and foreign media for holding a birthday light show on Dubai Burj Khalifa Building, the world’s tallest building, for two consecutive years. 

Burj Khalifa BTS V

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