The absurd reason why CEO Kwon called Lee Seung Gi to a drinking party in Cheongdam-dong and made him sing at dawn

It was recently reported that HOOK Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young made Lee Seung Gi sing at the karaoke to overcome stage fright.

On December 7th, reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho uploaded a video titled “Lee Seung Gi’s scream! The real reason why the ‘Nation’s younger brother’ was called to the karaoke” on his Youtuber channel.

According to Lee Jin Ho, CEO Kwon told Lee Seung Gi that if he wanted to overcome stage fright and be a good singer, he must be able to sing anywhere, and Lee Seung Gi agreed with the CEO’s idea.

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Lee Jin Ho cited a remark from a person who worked for HOOK then, revealing that CEO Kwon called Lee Seung Gi to the karaoke to sing to overcome stage fright. He added, “People outside don’t know about this, but it’s apparently the reason”.

Lee Jin Ho continued, “CEO Kwon said, ‘Before you can perform well on the stage, you must be able to sing anywhere and in front of anyone’”

Earlier, A, who worked as Lee Seung Gi’s manager at HOOK in 2004, revealed in an exclusive interview with Dispatch that CEO Kwon called Lee Seung Gi to the karaoke and made him sing.

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A said, “CEO Kwon often went to the karaoke in Cheongdam-dong. While having a drinking party with an acquaintance, she called him (Lee Seung Gi) there at dawn and made him sing”, adding “At that time, Lee Seung Gi was living in Sanggye-dong (Nowon-gu, Seoul). I went to pick him up early in the morning the next day, and he looked really tired. So I asked, ‘You didn’t sleep last night?’, and he said, ‘The CEO called me, so I went out for a while at dawn’. It turned out that CEO Kwon made him sing at her drinking party.”

A also claimed that CEO Kwon was particularly harsh on Lee Seung Gi. According to A, CEO Kwon scolded Lee Seung Gi, “Why are you going to Starbucks? Are you drinking something there?”, so Lee Seung Gi had to pay for the coffee with his personal card. 

Source: wikitree

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