7 new generation idols possessing visuals like famous actresses

Ahn Yu Jin, Ryu Jin, Ji Soo … have an impressive face and outstanding aura considered the ‘copies’ of famous actresses.

Ahn Yu Jin (IZ*ONE)

Yu Jin is considered to be the member with the most cinematic face and expression in IZ*ONE.

When smiling, Yu Jin brings a feeling of closeness and cuteness, sometimes that beautiful face can even turn into a very cool state.  Yu Jin’s cheerfulness makes the female idol like the sister of famous actress Jung So Min.

Yu Jin (right) and actress Jung So Min – famous for her leading roles in “Because this is my first life”.

Ryu Jin (ITZY)

The center of ITZY has a face similar to actress Han So Hee (left).  From the cool charisma to the sharp beauty and attractive cat-like eyes, they are like sisters.
Ryu Jin, with long feminine hair, radiant smile, is a girl that many guys love
The flexible facial expression helps Ryu Jin easily transform her style into an arrogant girl crush style.

Tzuyu (Twice)

Since debut, Tzuyu has made the public admire her impressive dreamy beauty.  Twice’s visual is commented to have a face like the beauty of Taiwan’s beauty, Brigitte Lin (left).
Ji Soo - Tzuyu who is beautiful16
Tzuyu’s lady-like moment at SBS Gayo Daejun 2020 has attracted a lot of attention.
TWICE, tzuyu, comeback
Tzuyu’s beauty is increasingly attractive with round and deep eyes suitable for movies

Hyun Joo (former member of April and Unit.T)

The former visual of April is praised for having an idol-standard beauty and a face like an actress Mon Chae Won (left).
Appearing in the web drama Legally, Dad, Hyun Joo attracted attention with her big round eyes, plump face, gentle features.

Sakura (IZ*ONE)

Sakura’s beauty is quite similar to actress Puff Kuo (left).  Both have big round eyes, white and radiant skin like cherry blossoms.
Sakura is currently the most popular Japanese idol in Kpop.  It is unclear if she will sign with BigHit or YG after IZONE disbandes.

Mi Yeon (G)I-DLE

The member of (G) I-DLE looked strange with flat bangs. Fans are also excited to discover that Mi Yeon used to have the famous green glasses
Referring to Mi Yeon, people will remember the main vocal who possesses a delicate beauty like an actress.
Mi Yeon’s actress-like beauty helps the female idol to have a lead role in the web drama Reply.  Not only that, but Mi Yeon also reminds of “national first love” Shim Eun Ha and actress Ha Ga In (left), when possessing a naturally elegant nose.
Mi Yeon, with bangs, looks quite similar to Zhao Lusi (left).

Ji Soo (Black Pink)

Both looks like an actress and has the ability to act, so Ji Soo has been invited to participate in several movie projects.
Ji Soo’s vibe is similar to actress Song Ji Hyo’s (left).
Jisoo (BLACKPINK) becomes the global ambassador Dior

Ji Soo is a multi-talented female idol.  She is a member of the top girl group – Black Pink.  Recently, she also became Dior’s Global Ambassador.  In the near future, Jisoo will be known as an actor through the first film Snowdrop

Source: iOne, Internet

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