“The reason for us to sing live?”… Girl group StayC draws attention with their statement about live singing 

Talented girl group StayC expressed their honest thoughts about singing live in performances. 

The video titled StayC’s next album is…” was uploaded on StayC’s official Youtube channel on July 4th.

The released video show producer Rado and StayC members talking about the album songs ahead of the girl group’s comeback.

Regarding live singing, Su-min said, “I think it’s obvious”. She continued, “It feels obvious to us that we sing live in live performances” and other members agreed.

Yoon said, “There’s no other reason to sing live than that we’re singers”. J immediately confessed, “If I don’t sing live, I don’t have the same energy”.

stayc youtube

In addition, Si-eun explained, “So, even when we shoot music videos, we actually sing live. Our energy really looks different on camera when we sing alive versus when we just lip sync as we dance.”

Yoon then said, “When our vocal cords weren’t in good shape, it was to the point I wasn’t true if I could perform at all, but the moment I stepped on the stage, I forgot everything else. When we finished the performance and came down the stage, I suddenly remembered that I was worried about singing live.”

stayc youtube

Upon hearing that, Su-min added, “Performing together with fans made me feel really energized”. The members nodded as they sympathized with Su-min’s remark.

StayC recently confirmed their comeback plan in July. They will be back with a new album 5 months after the release of their 2nd mini-album “YOUNG-LUV.COM” in February. The girls are reportedly working hard for the last-minute preparation after finishing filming their music video. 

stayc youtube

StayC will also perform on the stage of “KCON 2022 U.S. Tour”, which is set to be held from August 23rd to September 1st. 

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