STAYC set the date for the upcoming comeback

The group STAYC started their comeback in earnest in July.

On the 30th, STAYC’s agency High-Up Entertainment said, “STAYC has confirmed a comeback in July.”


This album is a new release in about 5 months since STAYC’s 2nd mini-album ‘Young-LUV.COM’ released in February. Expectations are high that the public will be able to see a new side of STAYC, who has been upgraded in all aspects, including musicality, visuals, and performance.

Starting with the debut song “SO BAD”, StayC recorded consecutive hits “ASAP”, “STEREOTYPE”, and “RUN2U”. In particular, with the title track of the 2nd mini-album “RUN2U”, it has continuously won the top position of music charts and 7 trophies on music shows, attracting both the public and the fandom.


StayC met audiences from all over the world by appearing at the 28th Dream Concert in Seoul and at the Chicago ‘KCON 2022 Premiere’ even during the hiatus. They plan to prove their global presence and influence by going on the ‘KCON 2022 US Tour’ stage.

With the goal of making a comeback in July, STAY is accelerating the preparations for the album.

Source: Daum

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