“Capable Man” Kim Jong Kook piqued the public’s interest with his singing voice in stark contrast to his appearance

Sometimes people forget that this artist is a talented singer, but when he sings, everyone is in awe.

For Kbiz fans, when mentioning the name Kim Jong Kook, people will easily think of his image of “Capable Man” in the popular variety show Running Man. Kim Jong Kook can be the “obsession” of the guests in the name tag tearing game, the mainstay of the team’s strength in the strength games. But sometimes people forget that he is also a veteran and talented singer. And then when Kim Jong Kook sang, everyone was startled by his extremely impressive, well-trained voice.


His talent is the perfect way he handles high notes in songs. He even smoothly sings high-pitched songs only for female vocals. No matter how many times one has witnessed it, people must be “bewildered” by the male singer’s performance.

Kim Jong Kook performed Tears

‘Tears’ and ‘Speechless’ are the two best examples. These are songs that possess towering notes that seem to pierce the ceiling. However, Kim Jong Kook still sang them with female tones, even performed in a smooth and gentle way, as usual, making the listeners incessantly admiring him. The audience also joked that he must have used his muscular strength to quickly tackle those difficult high notes.

Kim Jong Kook made the whole audience explode with Speechless with standard pronunciation and extremely neat handling of high notes

Many times the male artist has to make his Running Man teammates admire his solid and skilled voice. Everyone is satisfied when listening to his voice. Moreover, he also proved himself as a true K-pop artist through his beautiful dance performances.

Kim Jong Kook amazed and satisfied the members with I Miss You
Kim Jong Kook dances Alone with Sistar, making viewers admire

Before being known as a fixed member of Running Man, he was the main vocalist of the group Turbo. The group debuted in the late 90s. They became one of the big stars in the Korean entertainment industry during their activities from 1995-2000 and have sold millions of albums and records in Korea in particular and Asia in general.

Currently, Kim Jong Kook is still actively working in Kbiz. He is one of the few Korean artists to receive Daesangs in all 3 national television stations and is the rare artist to receive Daesangs in both music and reality TV.

Our “Capable Man” on Running Man
is also the MC of I Can See Your Voice
and even appeared in ATEEZ’s MV
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