Can Suzy save Netflix with “Doona!” like the way she did to Coupang Play with “Anna”?

Expectations are high on Suzy’s transformation from Coupang Play’s “Anna” to Netflix’s “Doona!”

On October 2nd, Netflix Korea uploaded a special behind-the-scenes video of the new original drama “Doona!” on its official YouTube channel. The one-minute video shows various scenes of the male and female leads, Yang Se-jong and Suzy.


In the video, Yang Se-jong says, “What is Lee Doona like as a pop idol?”, expressing his curiosity about Lee Doo-na (Suzy). The way he searches for information about Lee Doo-na also makes viewers curious about this character.

Suzy appears and introduces herself as Lee Doo-na, the main vocalist of the girl group Deam Sweet in the drama. Her appearances in colorful stage outfits and performances with choreographies remind people of when Suzy was a member of Miss A in the past.

“Doona!” is a romance drama about ordinary college student Won-joon (Yang Se-jong) meeting retired idol Doo-na (Suzy) at a shared house after leaving her splendid K-pop ido career behind. Based on a webtoon of the same name, “Doona!” has attracted keen attention from its production stage by casting Suzy for the title role.


This is not the first time Suzy has taken on a title role. She previously played the title role of Anna in Coupang Play’s series “Anna”. In particular, Suzy received favorable reviews for her impressive acting transformation in “Anna” and helped gain attention for the new OTT platform Coupang Play.

The nine-episode drama “Doona!” will be released through Netflix on October 20th. Coincidentally, Netflix has recently disappointed viewers due to the sluggish performance of its original series. The majority of Netflix fans complained that there have been no hit series or popular works since the release of “The Glory” in the first half of this year. 

As such, attention is focused on whether the highly anticipated drama “Doona!” will save Netflix from its crisis in the second half of the year. From Coupang Play to Netflix, will Suzy be able to establish herself as an actress who guarantees successful OTT series?

Source: Daum

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