BTS V is introduced to the Greek TV program one after another and attracts attention.

On May 6th, in the Greek TV program ‘StarKouKou’, V announced that he was ranked # 1 in the world’s top 10 most handsome men in 2020.

StarKouKou, a program that informs the status of famous celebrities and stars around the world, reported that BTS is going to be a guest speaker at the ‘Virtual Graduation Ceremony’ event held on YouTube, and V has been selected as the best handsome man in the world.

BTS standing shoulder to shoulder with a number of celebrities such as former President Obama, wife Michelle Obama, and singer Lady Gaga is planning to give an online congratulatory speech to college students, high school students, and their families, graduating from Deer Class of 2020.

The program hosts actively agreed and fell in love with V’s “Top 10 World” list, reporting that he topped the list of the world’s top 10 most handsome men in 2020.

In April, V ranked first in the top 10 ranking professional channel ‘Top10 World’ in various fields, over Hollywood famous stars Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Robert Pattinson.

V started with ‘the most handsome face in 2017’ selected by TC Candler, and drew up the title of the most handsome man set by various media around the world, such as ‘The # 1 most beautiful man on the planet’ by Bulgarian women’s site It is regarded as a representative K-pop visual.

At the World Music Awards (WMA), V listed the handsome titles that V earned and left the expectation that they would set a Guinness record for the handsome title with a perfect face as well as rich expressive, attractive and sexy voice owners.

StarKouKou’s host, once again on the 8th, thanked BTS fans and ARMY, rejoicing that the news and V’s fans posted their broadcasts to make the program widely known worldwide.

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