Fans paid $0.4 to see a performance by an unknown artist to find out it was BTS’s V

BTS’s V prepared a guerrilla performance for fans in Gangneung, Gangwon-do

On September 21st, BTS’s official YouTube channel “BANGTANTV” uploaded a video titled “V’s 20 second LIVE @ Gangneung”.

The video contained behind-the-scenes footage of V’s performance, including his meeting with staff to plan a guerrilla show in Gangneung,

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V recently released his first solo album “Layover” and is achieving impressive results on music broadcasts and music charts.

During the meeting with staff, V said, “I wanted to do a guerrilla show at a place that would make people wonder, ‘Oh, can anyone perform there?’”. After two long meetings, they decided to perform at a jazz bar in Gangneung.

According to V’s plan, he would wear a mask and invite visitors to watch a guerrilla performance of 20 seconds at a fee of 500 won (approximately $0.4).

After arriving in Gangneung by KTX, V went down the streets in a big teddy bear mask. He made people he met believe that it was a show by a rookie singer. 

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While being cautious of the stranger, visitors headed to the jazz bar one by one following V’s explanation that this performance could not be seen every day. After paying admission fees, visitors were allowed to enter one or two people at a time. 

At the guerrilla show, V sang the song “Love me again” in his album live for 20 seconds then suddenly danced. Having no idea about who the performer was, citizens and students in Gangneung were very surprised when the curtain opened and V appeared.

After leaving the show, visitors continued to wonder, “Is that V?”, “Is he really BTS member?”, “Is he V that I know?” etc. 

female students

Later, V bought coffee bean bread at a traditional market in Gangneung to eat with staff using the 11,000 won he earned from the guerrilla show.

At the end of the video, V revealed the reason he planned the guerrilla performance. He said, “I wanted to approach ARMYs in a new way and challenge that myself”.

Watching the video, fans commented, “Taehyung (V’s real name) always tries to find ways to meet ARMYs”, “How can I meet BTS on the street of Gangneung like that?”, “Why am I not in Gangneung?”,  “If it were me, I would have fainted on the street”, “What a creative project”, “My heart flutters just by watching this video. The challenge was amazing”, etc.

Source: insight

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