BTS RM, “People from minority groups led BTS to the White House and the U.N… I used to be confused about my identity”

BTS RM expressed his worries about his influence on “The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge”.

The broadcast of tvN’s “The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge” on December 9th showed Kim Young Ha, Kim Sang Wook, Lee Ho, and Shim Chae Kyung discussing “What kind of person we will love?” with the MCs Jang Hang Joon and BTS RM.


Kim Young Ha said, “Artists need to think about who they’re representing”.

In this regard, RM shared, “That’s what I thought about the most 2-3 years ago. BTS used to be representatives of minorities around the world. Even now, that part still continues to some extent”.


He continued, “People from various parts of the world supported us enthusiastically. I felt so confused. I was just saying what I wanted to say, but then at some point, people from minority groups took us to the center of the White House and the U.N.”

He added, “I was confused about my identity. I wondered, ‘Do I deserve all of that?’, ‘People told me that I have a good moral and a sense of duty to exert influence on others, can I believe that?’, ‘Am I arrogant?’, etc.”


Kim Young Ha agreed, saying “It’s such an important thing”, then introduced the concept of “anxiety about impact/influence” by critic Harold Bloom. He continued, “Artists are also greatly influenced by other artists when growing up. The same thing is true to influence on the public.”

Source: Daum

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