BTS’ music can save a child who has autism?

This is a beautiful and meaningful story. If BTS knows that their music is this powerful, surely the guys will be very happy.

This is a story from a mother and her son Adam, who is only four but unfortunately suffers from autism. Adam can’t use words to express his thought and he has to go through language and function therapy. However, after several times accidentally listening to BTS’ songs, his symptoms have reduced less and less.

A photo of Adam lying down while peacefully listening to BTS’ music
Among those songs, “4 O’clock” was his favorite. He also sang along the song sometimes, which has helped a lot in the treatment process. Adam’s mother is very grateful to BTS, especially V and RM for giving her a different way in music therapy. At present, Adam even knows how to use Korean to sing and he has learned to express himself better than the first days.

“4 O’clock” is also V and RM’s favorite song

Not many people know that with the hip hop genre that BTS pursues, the members also have a different color in their styles. The compositions of the ballad performed by Taehyung (V) such as “4 O’clock”, “Stigma”, “Singularity” and “Hug Me” are not trendy, but the more people listen to them, the more connected they feel with the songs. Those songs bring about a soothing feeling that can put your soul at ease in no time.

After listening to this story, the netizens commented on Taehyung’s songs:

“4 o’clock is really a masterpiece. It’s not only addictive but also a cure for mental and physical illness. What a great day to find out more about the boys’ amazingness”

“I really like Taehyung’s vocals and his songs. Whenever I listen to his singing, I feel peaceful.”

“A few years ago I even ditched K-pop and just listen to US-UK and V-pop, but because of Taehyungie, I returned to Kpop and opened up more. My favorite line was “Forever We Are Young” and 4 O ‘clock is also a soothing song for me whenever I’m down”

“Music can heal all wounds, and I hope Taehyung will release more amazing music works like that”

Hoping that V will release more amazing songs in the future

It was definitely an incredible story. If BTS knows that their music can help an autistic kid feel better, the boys will be extremely happy. We also hope that Adam will soon recover and grow up healthily so that he can meet BTS and listen to their voice in real life!

Sources: Yan

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