BTS Jungkook showed off his amazing cooking skill, “Chef Jeon, the master of boiled pork”

Jungkook impressed BTS members with delicious boiled pork.

On October 29th, episode 3 of BTS’s reality program “IN THE SOOP Season 2” was aired on JTBC and Weverse. During the broadcast, all 7 members of BTS enjoyed delicious dishes, such as kalguksu and boiled pork, and also played foot volleyball game. Especially, Jungkook turned into “Chef Jeon” and showed off his fast and experienced cooking skills.

BTS Jungkook

Jungkook, who was in charge of making boiled pork, began cooking excitedly. He fried the whole pork belly over high heat to make it “chewy: on the outside but “juicy” inside and shouted, “This is Maillard reaction!” Then, to upgrade the flavor of the dish, Jungkook added green onion oil made by stir-frying green onion and garlic.

BTS Jungkook

After that, he poured water in, added soybean paste and soy sauce without hesitation together with edible rosemary herbs, white wine, pepper, etc., then the pork belly was the last thing to be put in. While waiting for the pork to be cooked, Jungkook said, “Please be a delicious boiled pork!” as if he was chanting a spell.

After 40 minutes, the pork was completely boiled. Jungkook carefully cut it into smaller pieces and also decorated the dish with green onion kimchi and garlic leaves. The dish’s appetizing visual made everyone hungry. After having a bite of the boiled pork, j-hope was really surprised, so he said, “The pork tastes delicious since it was cooked by Jungkook~ Jungkook’s boiled pork is crazy. End game. I have nothing more to explain”. Other members also tasted it and exclaimed, “It’s really delicious!”

BTS Jungkook

Although Jungkook is the youngest, he attracted great attention for his warm actions, such as taking care of the members and participating in cooking voluntarily. Before, he once received compliments for preparing the clams skillfully for the seafood noodles.

Fans left enthusiastic responses, saying, “Please make the boiled pork for me, Jungkookie”, “Chef Jeon~ Master of boiled pork♥”, “He cooked the dish without hesitation and cut the boiled pork slices so skillfully. Jungkook is really good at cooking. He’s the king♡”, “Let’s appear on a cooking program. I think your cooking level is really great”, “The moment they ate Jungkook’s boiled pork = most beautiful moment”, “Jungkook’s cooking style is so cool”, “Jungkook ah, you’re really good at cooking”, “Jungkook is so perfect!!!”

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