An idol group leader shares, “I was cast while living in Dubai… There, homeless people become rich by begging for money on the streets”

Leader of the boy group Kingdom talked about his debut process.

A video titled “After working as an interpreter in Abu Dhabi, I became a K-pop idol” was recently uploaded on the Youtube channel “KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC”.

Appearing in the content video, Kingdom’s leader Dann revealed the story of how he made his debut as an idol. Dann said, “When I was in high school, I worked as an interpreter in Dubai. Back then there we had K-CON held too. In Abu Dhabi, I went there to work as an interpreter. One of the staff ask me if I am interested in the music industry. After the events, I met him and that’s how I became a trainee”.

kingdom dann kpop idol olympic

Regarding his life in Dubai back then, Dann shared, “I lived in Dubai from when I was 10 until almost 20. My grandfather is the person who lived in Dubai for the longest time among other Koreans in Dubai”, adding “Many people usually think that people in Dubai are rich, and I also think that’s correct. From my experience, I think it’s a great place to live. There’s not much crime”.

kingdom dann kpop idol olympic

In response, the interviewer asked, “The police ride supercars, right?”. Dann replied, “It sounds ridiculous but, it’s actually true. It’s 100% true. Some senior officers ride Lamborghinis. I’ve seen it quite often though. If you live in Dubai, you can see a lot of Ferraris and Lamborghinis being abandoned on the streets”. Dann then surprised everyone when he revealed, “What I remember is that, the princess come to school on a helicopter. Also, on their birthdays, I guess they just throw money around. You may hear something like ‘Homeless people become rich by begging for money on the street’. It’s true. And, they do have air conditioners at the bus stops. There are swimming pools and gyms even in normal apartments.”

kingdom dann kpop idol olympic

Explaining the reason he worked part-time as an interpreter, Dann said, “I interpreted English and Korean. I learned French for 10 years, too. Frankly speaking, it’s because they promised me that they’d pay me well. Then it completely changed my life. It was such a sudden opportunity for me. I never imagined myself as a boy group member

kingdom dann kpop idol olympic

As a result, it was difficult for him to adapt to Korea. Dann recalled, “In the past, wherever I went, I heard a lot of people say I look like a Gyopo. I remember being scolded a lot for that kind of thing when I first joined because idol is a job that values manners and requires a system.”

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