Jennie then Lisa got injured, fans worried that BLACKPINK’s comeback choreography might be too tough

BLACKPINK’s comeback date is near, so fans always want 4 girls to appear in the best physical and mental condition.

However, when Lisa appeared in the livestream of an event on May 16, fans could “spot” a large bruise that appeared near her ankle.

Lately, Lisa has been quite silent on social media, if not for the event, the fans could not have realized that she was injured.  Not only that, some people also found out that Lisa applied concealer on her legs, so they speculated that the BLACK PINK main dancer’s body had many other bruises that she did not want to show them for fear of worrying the fans.

This is not the first time Lisa has been injured before the comeback. Before returning with “Kill This Love” (April 2019), fans realized something abnormal with the back of the female idol, thereby suspecting her of wearing a support belt to treat back pain.

Notably, not long ago Jennie had slipped, resulting in injuries to her ankles and ligaments, so she had to use crutches.  The fact that the two members of BLACKPINK got injured right before the comeback made BLINKs really upset, some are worried that the new choreography might be too strong, affecting the health of the girls.

Although everyone is aware that idols getting injured during training is inevitable, this can’t stop fans from worrying, especially when BLACKPINK’s comeback is very close.  Fans expect Lisa and Jennie to recover quickly, and  the group’s choreography would be adjusted to suit the members to ensure their health.

Here are some comments from fans expressing their worries:

“The dance this time must be difficult, that’s why Jen and Lisa got injured, I wonder how Jisoo and Rosé’s conditions are. They always care for fans, I’m really concerned for Lisa, I hope from now on she could share with fans so we can be less worried.”

“I feel bad for them. The choreography must be hard, even Lisa got hurt.”

“If you look closely, you will see that Lisa had makeup on her legs, there must be other bruises… she didn’t want us to know and worry.”

“First it was Jennie, now is Lisa? I’m upset. Because they wanted to complete a perfect product for fans, they went through a lot… My girl is injured but always smiles happily in front of everyone and fans, she never discloses for fans to worry.”

“This comeback’s choreography seems tough, the members get injured one by one. I’m concerned.”

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