BTS Jungkook graduates from Global Cyber with the President’s Award

Jungkook graduated from Global Cyber University and received the President’s Award

On the 3rd, a video of Jungkook’s acceptance of the President’s Award was uploaded on the YouTube channel of Global Cyber ​​University. Jungkook is a 17th grader in the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment. 

Jungkook appeared in a casual style. Brightly introduced, “This is BTS Jeon Jeong-guk from the 17th year of Broadcasting and Entertainment at Global Cyber ​​University, who will be graduating today.” Then, he shared his feelings about graduating.

Jungkook said, “Graduation is said to be a period and a start at the same time, but I’m touched and excited on the one hand,” adding, “I think learning something is always fun, cool, and exciting.” “I will do my best to provide better music and performances in the future.” he said.


Earlier, on March 4, 2021, members Jimin and V received the President’s Award at Global Cyber ​​University’s 2020 Academic Excellence Awards.

Meanwhile, Global Cyber ​​University is one of 21 universities and colleges specializing in distance learning with its main campus located in Cheonan, Korea.  This is a school attended by many K-Pop idols.

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