BTS Jungkook Allegedly Identified in the Video Hugging a Girl in an Apartment

BTS Jungkook is believed to be the man in a video where he is seen hugging a young woman in an apartment setting

This video, first posted on Weibo, is going viral. The apartment in the video appears to be Brunnen Cheongdam, an upscale complex known for its exclusive nature, with only 3-4 units per building. This raises questions about how this footage was obtained in such a private space.

One detail contributing to the identification of Jungkook is the long hairstyle, which matches the one Jungkook sported earlier this year. 

Another clue is the presence of Jungkook’s Doberman dog, Bam, who can be seen in the video. 

Additionally, netizens have analyzed the video for familiar furniture inside Jungkook’s apartment, which has been shown several times through his live broadcasts, including the sofa and color-changing lamp.

While some await an official statement from Big Hit Music regarding the video’s authenticity, there has been a strong backlash against the potential sasaeng fan who may have invaded Jungkook’s privacy to capture this intimate moment. 

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