Lee Hyo-ri, who confesses about infertility, talks about her plan of having a child and pregnancy rumors

Singer Lee Hyo-ri once again revealed her pregnancy plans as well as her infertility.

On the April 15th broadcast of TVING’s “Seoul Check-in”, Eun Ji-won, Kim Jong-min, Shinji, DinDin and Lee Hyo-ri traveled to the ski resort.

Lee Hyori

On this day, Lee Hyo-ri shared her thoughts on pregnancy with Kim Jong-min. Earlier, Lee Hyo-ri married Lee Sang-soon on Jeju Island in September 2013. Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon, who celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary this year, have no children yet.

Kim Jong-min asked, “Do you have any thoughts about having a baby?” Lee Hyo-ri confessed, “I have. But it’s not as easy as I thought. I think it’s because I’m old.” She also advised, “If you want to have a baby, you should get married.” Kim Jong-min laughingly replied, “It’s not easy.”

Lee Hyo-ri said her marriage was “destiny”. She shared, “As soon as I met my husband, I decided to get married. I thought ‘I’m going to get married’.”

In fact, this is not the first time Lee Hyo-ri has expressed her thoughts on pregnancy. While explaining the activity plan of the mixed group SSAK3, which was created through MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo” in 2020, Lee Hyo-ri surprised members by saying, “I have plans to get pregnant. If I don’t have a baby, I’ll join winter activities. I’m taking herbal medicine now. It’s natural since we’ve been married for 8 years.”

lee hyori

Afterwards, Lee Hyo-ri worked as a member of Refund Sisters. She visited Uhm Jung-hwa’s house and confessed, “(The doctor) told me not to drink alcohol if I want to get pregnant. That’s why I can’t even drink at home. I told my husband not to smoke. I’m busy day and night.”

As Lee Hyo-ri mentioned pregnancy every time she appeared on an entertainment program, fans expressed their curiosity about the second generation of Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon. In fact, the keyword “pregnancy rumor” related to this couple once swept various online communities. In this regard, Lee Hyo-ri’s agency ESteem Entertainment drew a line, “She just said it as a joke to her fans.”

But this time something is different. Lee Hyo-ri expressed her honest feelings about pregnancy through “Seoul Check-in”, giving off a nuance that seemed to sincerely hope for the birth of her second generation. It is expected when Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon, who celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary this year, will be warmly congratulated by fans while holding a healthy baby in their arms.

Seoul Check-in

Meanwhile, TVING’s “Seoul Check-in” is an entertainment program that contains Lee Hyo-ri’s soulful Seoul story, including where she sleeps, who she meets and what she does in Seoul, and is released every Friday at 4 PM.

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