Brave Girls Minyoung set up a cafe “I didn’t change my career…My main job is still a singer”

Brave Girls’ leader Minyoung expressed her feelings.

Recently, Minyoung became a hot topic due to a post about the recent status of the leader of a girl group. Photos of Minyoung receiving orders directly from cafe guests and making drinks by herself were released.

Brave Girls Minyoung

Netizens showed various reactions such as “Aren’t you Brave Girls’ leader?”, “You don’t want to be a singer anymore, right?”, “It’s a waste of your voice”

In response, Minyoung wrote on her account, “First of all, thank you so much to those who read articles and contents related to my cafe and cheered me on… I plan to work harder on various activities and my main job in the future! Coffee is my hobby, and my small dream for a more free communication channel with fans came true! I’m still thirsty for music activities, so I’ll show you various activities in the future!

Brave Girls Minyoung

She added, “It’s just the beginning for me. I didn’t change my career. Hahaha. Please support Minyoung’s new activities!! Cafe owners all over the country, fighting! You’re amazing! But my main job is… still… a singer… That’s right.”

Meanwhile, Brave Girls wrote a myth of chart resurgence following EXID with “Rollin'”. Afterwards, they tried to be active in various media, but the response to their new songs’ concepts and choreographies were insignificant, and Brave Girls recently concluded their contractual relationship with Brave Brothers.

Source: Daum

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