BTS Jimin Reveals Humble Side and Shares Insights on His Daily Life and Skills

BTS member Jimin humbly revealed that he memorized English lines for his recent appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show. 

BTS member Jimin recently appeared on SBS POWER FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung Power Time” as a guest and showed a humble side of himself. During the radio show, he talked about his daily life and skills, including his English.


Despite not exercising as much as before, Jimin shared that he used to do empty stomach running primarily along the Han River. 

When asked about his exercise routine during his promotions, Jimin said, “I don’t think I can exercise much during my promotions. I’m too lazy to get up and do it, especially when I’m on a diet.

When Choi Hwa Jung asked if he prefers running in the morning or evening, Jimin answered with “Running at dawn.”


During the show, a listener asked Jimin which one he would choose between singing and dancing if he had to pick only one for his lifetime. Jimin humbly replied, “Although I’m lacking, I would choose singing. I want to try my best and become good at it.”

Jimin also shared his recent appearance on the “Jimmy Fallon Show,” where he impressed everyone with his improved English skills. 

Jimin admitted that he worked hard to memorize what he had to say on the show but still had a hard time improving his English proficiency. Despite his humble demeanor, Choi Hwa Jung praised Jimin, saying, “You did a great job, and your relaxed attitude was admirable. I am proud of you.”

Source: Nate. 

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