BTS Jimin is reportedly the only member with all solo songs entering “BTS’s TOP 40 biggest songs in the UK”

Solo songs of “BTS Frontman” Jimin have been so well-received in the UK.

On June 13th, British Official Chart announced “BTS’s Official Top 40 biggest songs in the UK” to celebrate the group’s 10th debut anniversary. In particular, all three solo songs by Jimin appeared in the ‘Top 40 most popular BTS songs’.

According to the Official Chart data, the ranking consists solely of songs in BTS albums. What’s noteworthy is that Jimin is the only member whose all solo songs made it onto the chart with “Filter” at No.28, “Lie” at No.38, and “Serendipity” at No.39.


Previously, “Lie” and “Serendipity” intro versions were the only two solo songs in the ‘Top 20 Most Streamed BTS Songs’ ranking released by Official Chart. In 2019, these two tracks also achieved the highest rankings of No.18 and No.20, respectively. The fact that three of the four solo songs that made it to the ‘Top 40 biggest songs in the UK’ in 2020 were Jimin’s proved UK fans’ extraordinary love for Jimin.

Among them, “Filter”, included in BTS’s 4th studio album, achieved the remarkable result of being the only b-side track to enter the ‘Official Singles Top 100’ chart alongside the title song “ON” even without any promotion.

Showing his power as “BTS Frontman”, the solo songs Jimin released with his official solo debut after 10 years of activities with BTS also received explosive reactions.

BTS Jimin

Introduced as a pre-release track before the official release of his first solo album “FACE”, “Set Me Free Pt.2” debuted at No.30 on the Official Chart, the highest rank for K-pop soloists, and the title track “Like Crazy” released one week later also climbed to 8th place, surpassing Jimin’s personal best record.

From “Set Me Free Pt.2” to “Like Crazy”, Jimin continued to stay in the chart continuously for six weeks. Even his collaboration song “VIBE” and OST “Angel Pt1” for the Hollywood blockbuster “Fast & Furious 10” also entered the chart one after another.

With these achievements, Jimin has set a record as the Korean solo artist with the most charted songs (4 songs) in the shortest period (within only 4 months) on the UK Official Singles Chart, and further raised the status of K-pop. Therefore, fans are raising high expectations for his future endeavors as a solo artist.

Source: Nate

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