BTS J-Hope’s Bright Expression Shines Through Intense Military Training

BTS J-Hope is the talk of the town with his military update.

BTS J-Hope’s appearance was revealed after he recently completed a night march training in the military. Even for those with considerable stamina, a 20km march can be challenging, but J-Hope’s appearance after successfully completing the march is incredibly cheerful.


Earlier, a photo was released showing J-Hope with a painful expression after completing chemical warfare training, tightly closing his eyes and pouring water on his flushed face, which surprised fans around the world.

On May 18th, J-Hope enlisted in the recruit training center, in Wonju, Gangwon Province. He is currently undergoing four weeks of basic military training.


Since the second week after enlistment, he has been receiving military training, including ceremonies, individual weapon shooting, and grenade throwing. After the completion ceremony on May 24th, he will be assigned to a unit.

Afterward, he will wear a private’s insignia on his chest and serve as a reservist, with his military service scheduled to end on October 17th next year.

Source: Nate

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