“Can you just leave Big Bang?” – Taeyang’s SNS after Seungri’s Burning Sun Controversy

Taeyang’s Instagram is buzzing over a series of controversies of Big Bang members Seungri and G-Dragon.

As of February 28, Taeyang’s posts on social media was filled with comments from fans. The fans were in great disappointment when Seungri and G-Dragon caused a series of controversies.

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Seungri came home at 5:30 a.m. on February 28 after more than eight hours of internal investigation into various suspicions surrounding his club called Burning Sun.

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G-Dragon, who joined the military on February 27 last year, is known to be still in at the rank of Private First Class, as he failed to be promoted due to his frequent absence. Regarding this, YG Entertainment did not give any comment.

Their fans responded by leaving many comments on Taeyang’s SNS account, “Can you leave Big Bang?” “Please don’t let us down,” “Please walk on the flower path,” “We can only trust you,” and “I think we only have Taeyang.”

Meanwhile, Taeyang joined the military together with Daesung in March last year and is serving in active service. On the day that Seungri was investigated by the police, Taeyang and Daesung attended the “Korea Military Academy 75th graduation ceremony 2019” performed a song called “Jangbuga” (Heroes) to celebrate.

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