BTS invested in an outdoor stage with a massive group of dancers for the first live performance of Permission To Dance

BTS’s first live stage for the latest song Permission To Dance has been released, let’s check it out!

After releasing the MV “Permission To Dance” on July 9, BTS quickly brought fans the first live performance stage of the song on the same day.  At the show A Butterful Getaway with BTS, the Bighit group had an interaction with fans and performed their latest song.


Seven members of BTS performed on an impressive outdoor stage. The lighting system creates a good impression of the performance space. BTS sang Permission To Dance live with stunning and innovative visuals.

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The incredibly fascinating and well-invested choreography, along with meaningful body language, is what drew fans in the most. The vibrant melody and energetic movements set the tone for the audience to want to join in the dance

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A vast number of dancers also appeared, assisting the performance to become more impressive and spectacular, intensifying the emotions of the audience till the final seconds of the stage.

Before the stage of Permission To Dance, BTS also performed 2 songs “Butter” and “Spring Day”.  Butter was performed on a bus with a unique concept.  After that, the group made fans’ emotions quieter when performing “Spring Day” in a cozy picnic scene.

Source: K14

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